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Bartending Jobs

Bartending can be a tough world to break into.  Corner bars with on-the-job training are few and far between. Todays customers are more educated and sophisticated than ever before.  They come from all over the world, they know about wine, they enjoy the scene and they have become more demanding. 

Upscale bar customers are looking for a bartender who is as knowledgeable, as personable, and as demanding as they are.  In this more professional bartending environment-if you’re not fast, organized, and efficient you surely won’t last very long in a quality bar, restaurant or hotel.

Profesional Bartending Schools of America, Inc. has created programs to answer the demand for professionally trained bartenders.  We provide the bartending education, the speed, the organizational skills as well as customer service and alcohol awareness. We then follow up your training with some of the best job placement assistance available.

Tips on Getting a Good Bartending Job!

  1. Fill out lots of applications.  There is safety in numbers. The more places you go, the better the chance of getting hired.  You might just walk in at the right moment and get the perfect bartending job.
  2. Use your personality and smile a lot.  Bartending is not only knowledge, but attitude.  You have to come across as confident, fun, and knowledgeable.  Bartending is exciting, act like it.
  3. Have a presentable appearance.  Try to dress according to the place you are applying.  Everyone looks good in black and white.  Clean up, even when you are just stopping to grab an application, you might have an unexpected interview take place. 
  4. You must be persistent.  After applying, call back in three days and ask the manager if he/she had made a decision yet or stop back by the bar.  Tell them you’re ready to go work.
  5. It is all up to you.  If you want to bartend you can.  We give you the knowledge and ability to work anywhere.  Get out there and make some money!
  6. For more "Tips on getting a good bartending job", attend one of our bartending schools! Our graduates receive one-on-one job search assistance.

Each of our graduates receives a 4-page handout with 18 "Tips to getting a quality bartenidng job. Over 90% of our graduates receive bartending jobs.

You may use the Simply Hired job search engine below to see some of the many bartenidng jobs that are available to the public right now. Each of our schools have many bartending jobs available that originate from bars who call us for staffing. These exclusive jobs are not available to the public.