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What is USA Bartending Schools?
We are a group of professional trade schools that are licensed by each state in which we do business in. Our first schools opened in 1978. We teach professional bartending as a full or part-time career.

Do I really need to go to bartending school?
No, you don’t have to go to bartending school, but it sure helps! Before bartending schools, bartenders started work as waiters, busboys, and hosts. After three months to a year of working a low-paying, tedious job they eventually moved up to being a barback.

The barback is the bartenders assistant that stocks and cleans the bartenders’ stations. The barback will eventually help serve beer and basic cocktails. After another three months to a year, the barback can begin bartending slower shifts at the slower bars. Becoming a bartender in this manner can be a long and frustrating process.

How is going to bartending school better?
When you enroll in classes at the Professional Bartending School, we put you behind one of our fully-equipped bars, mixing drinks on your first day. You do not have to learn menial jobs that have no bearing on being a professional bartender. You concentrate on learning bartending from day one.

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How long does your training last?
We jokingly refer to our classes as "bartending boot camp". Our Professional Mixology course takes forty hours of concentrated training over a one to five week period to complete. The course is taught in 10 four - hour lessons. By graduation you will be capable of mixing drinks at a level that will allow you to bartend at any bar in the tri-state area.

Who do I learn bartending from?
Our instructors are the best bartenders available. Their experience level ranges from 5 to 25 years in the industry. They routinely attend competitions and training seminars to improve their knowledge. All of our instructors currently tend bar on a part-time basis. Most importantly, our instructors have been trained by our upper management in the art of teaching bartending.

What if I fail a test?
Our students have an unlimited opportunity to pass our course. You may retake any test that you fail and you may re-take any class if you want to see it again at no charge. Our commitment to our students is to work with every student until they graduate, regardless of how long it may take. There are never any additional charges for our services to help you graduate. If you come to school and put forth the effort, we will help you graduate.