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member of the Better Business Bureau.

Cleveland Bartending School

Professional Bartending School Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Learn bartending behind an actual bar from our qualified instructors at the Cleveland bartending school.
1481 Warrensville Center Rd.
Suite 1
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 4412
OH# 95-07-1423T
216-382-1450 or

About Us

Pour on the earning power!
Discover Cleveland Bartending School.

Don't you deserve a satisfying full or part-time job? One that's recession-proof and booming year round? Don't you want a great way to make good money - fast, with flexioble hours amid an upbeat, party-like atmosphere?

Why not become a bartender? It's easy. It's fun. And you can start earning major money right away

With us, it's all about YOU and your success!

Since 1995, the Cleveland Bartending School has been helping people just like you easily make $100-$200 a day and enjoy:

  • Fantastic pay plus fabulous perks.
  • A happening nightlife at "in" spots across the country.
  • A recession-proof profession - always in demand
  • An excellent full-time or part-time job - or second career.
  • Major job openings in your area - right now!
  • Hours to fit around school, family or another job.

Call 1-800-BARTEND to get started today!

Bartending is an ideal choice for:

  • College Grads
    Tap into an ever-strong job market - where ever you live.

  • Corporate Employees
    Turn your back on cutbacks or downsizing.

  • Construction or Seasonal Worker
    Discover lucrative recession - and weatherproof profession.

  • Retirees
    Punch up your fixed income - and your life.

  • Mid-Lifers
    Start a profitable second career.

  • Moonlighters
    Make extra money with the ideal after-hours gig.

Bartending Class Times
Day Class:
Monday - Friday

10:00am to 2:00pm

Two weeks in length.

Classes start weekly.
Night Class:
Monday - Thursday

6:00pm to 10:00pm

2 weeks in length.

Classes start weekly.

Weekend Class:
Saturday Only

10:00am to 6:00pm

5 weeks in length.

Classes start weekly.

Our Cleveland Location

Request more information
To receive the fastest answers to your questions please call us right now at 1-800-BARTEND.

To request more information by email on our Cleveland Heights Bartending School, please click on the link below and complete the form.

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