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Member of The Better Business Bureau

member of the Better Business Bureau.

The Best Bars Hire Our Graduates!

Our schools are very proud of the great jobs our graduates receive. Our graduates are capable of bartending at the best bars, right out of school, with no prior experience.

Check out the happy faces below. These are all pictures of graduates of our schools taken on the job. It takes a lot of time and effort for our staff to go to these establishments to check on the progress of our grads and follow up with their new careers.

Applebees Bartender
Banana Joes Bartenders
Banana Joes
Strike Zone Bartender
Cincinnati Convention Center Bartender
Strike Zone
Convention Centers
Hoffbrau Haus Bartender
Holiday Inn Bartender
Hoffbrau Haus
Holiday Inn
JB Fins Tiki Bar Bartender
Marriott Hotel Bartender
JB Fins Tiki Bar
Marriott Hotel