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Welcome to the USA Bartending School Directory. We have listed quality state-authorized bartending schools from Los Angeles to New York. These bartending schools believe in hands-on training behind a real bar. Their instructors have many years of work experience behind the bar and in bar management.

USA Bartending School Website!

Bartending is a fun and profitable career that can never be outsourced. People attend bartending school for many varied reasons. Some bartending school students are under-employed or unemployed. Others have more mainstream corporate jobs, but are tired of the stress from being overworked, unappreciated and not knowing if their job will end next month or not.

College students find bartending to be one of the best jobs for them. They can usually make a full time wage working on weekends only which allows time for necessary studies during the week and still gives them a nightlife on the weekends.

Recent college graduates find bartending appealing as they can go to work immediately and earn a professional wage while searching for a job in their field of study. Finding a good job right after college can be tough and many of the jobs available are entry level with a salary to match.

Bartending Schools have had many retirees and soon to be retirees take their bartending class to give them a part time job to earn money and maintain social life. A bartender meets new people constantly and is a great career for those who have just relocated. Many of these schools are located in popular retirement areas.

USA Bartending School Website

The USA bartending schools listed specialize in helping people of all ages and backgrounds begin their new career in the field of bartending. They teach a combination of the traditional, professional methods of bartending that have been used for decades, as well as todays hottest and trendiest drinks.

The classrooms are setup like a real bar. The students sit right at the bar and watch each and every drink demonstrated by a fully-qualified instructor. Once the lectures are done, the students get behind the bar and make the drinks over and over until they become second-nature.

Once the student has finished their bartending course, these schools then follow up their training with a first class job placement assistance program. Graduates of the school receive local, national and online job placement assistance.

Check out the information on the school of your choice and then call or request an information package by filling out the contact form for any city you choose.
Thanks for visiting the USA Bartending School Directory website! We will do everything possible to help you meet your career goals!